how it works

Make Money

FarmBracket is the modern version of the local markets in Nigeria and Africa. FarmBracket logistics integrates a technology that makes demand, purchase and supply of farm produce an easy and fast track means for both farmers, and buyers. It establishes positions were non-farmers mostly young people and women can make their money by just becoming a farmer agent using a win-win approach (Farmbracket make money page).

Make money as agent

Most of the smallholder farmers in Nigeria and Africa find it difficult using internets and phones. Meanwhile FarmBracket cannot do it all alone. Why not leverage on this loophole and make money by just becoming an agent. Click here to register as Agent

Lease or sell land for agriculture

FB recognizes that acquisition of land for agriculture is one of the major problems smallholder farmer’s encounters. One of the major problems is that smallholder farmers and agro processors don’t know where and to whom to approach for the acquisition of land for production up-scale or expansion.

Do you have land for lease or sale for agriculture? Register with FarmBracket to get connected with a farmer.

Become a FarmBracket distributor

When you register as an FB distributor all goods to be distributed will be assigned to you and payments are made immediately goods are delivered safe. This is strictly for a person that has vehicles for distribution, at least 1 vehicle is a criteria. Prices are calculated based on kilometers/hr. Click here to register as FB Distributor